Birthday Parties

Package #1


 Includes Steve Holt's 35-45 minute Fun Magic Show & Ventriloquist Act (only) Comes complete with loads of laughs, mystery and cool music. Steve arrives about 30 minutes early to prepare for the show. 

Package #2


 Includes Steve Holt's 35-45 minute Fun Magic Show & Ventriloquist Act AND Balloon Animals & Various other shapes.   Steve arrives early to setup and is at the party about one and a half hours. 

Package #3


 Includes Steve Holt's 35-45 minute Fun Magic Show & Ventriloquist Act, Balloon Animals & Various other shapes PLUS Face Painting.  We are at the party for about 2 hours.

Church Ministry


Gospel Magic and Illusions is a great way to share God's message.  Steve Holt uses creative ways to make the scriptures pop and makes it fun for the audience and congregations.  Your church will be thrilled to invite Steve to present a new, different and heart-felt program everyone will enjoy.  He presents programs and services for:

* Morning or Evening Church Services

* Senior Luncheons

* Youth Nights

*Church Fun Day

*Holiday Events



 Our 2020 "Imagine Your Story" Summer Reading Program is specific for elementary/middle school-aged children. With the wave of his wand and by the clever use of Fairy Tale Magic and Fantasy, Steve Holt will teach children to be motivated to read, develop positive attitudes about reading, books, and the library and how to maintain their reading skills during summer vacation.  While at the library, children will have access to experiences that further their sense of discovery and experiences through which they can learn to work together.



Steve Holt's School Assembly Shows are by all means educational and themed to fit today's challenge to teach children.  Each program is a 45 minute presentation and he offers various themes such : 

* Say NO to Bullies

* Be all YOU can Be

* Good Grades Matter

* READ and Be Prepared

* History tells the Real Story

* MATH is Magic

* Science Magic Mysteries

* Artsy Magic Masters

Which presentation are you interested in scheduling from the list above? Mention it in the message below and we'll contact you within 24-48 hours to discuss availability and rates, which is based upon distance traveled, length of the event and the package indicated.

Thank you for believing in what we do. We appreciate your business, support and would appreciate yo

Steve Holt Magic Show

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