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Steve Holt's Easy Magic Set

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 This Magic Set has tricks adults and children can learn and use to amaze their friends.  It is moderately priced and affordable for that perfect birthday party gift, wonderful Christmas present and many more festive occasions.  


Steve Holt's Magic Show Coloring Book

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Includes magic tricks you can make at home and entertain and amaze your friends. Coloring the pictures will take you on a journey throughout Holt's magical stage career and history of magicians and their shows. 


Learn to be a Magician

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Learning to be a Magician takes practice. Perfect practice makes a perfect performance. Mastering the basic skills, provided in this book, will lead you from these three classes, into a career of full-time magic. If you are looking to amaze your friends and family, they will believe in magic as use the skills, sleight of hand moves, all while using simple objects. Includes some simple items to perform the magic tricks and price includes shipping.


Steve Holt Magic Show Wristbands

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Our wristband let's you advertise for us.  You can also wear it with our matching tee shirt!